(Part 1 of 2) "Dr. Kate Granger was a geriatrician who died last year. She was only 34, but had a really severe and rare form of cancer. She blogged about it, wrote about it, and live-Tweeted about her experiences in hospital. She found people were coming up to her without introducing themselves, like people just coming up to her and taking blood. So she created the #hellomynameis movement, which I'm really committed to not just as strapline or a badge, but as a way of working... to just give that little bit of yourself to a patient. That little bit of humanity to say, ‘Hello, I'm a nurse, this is my name, and I'm a person too.’ I think we lose sight of who the people are in hospital… we say it's a stroke in bed 6 or a fractured neck of femur in bay 3. I find these kinds of things really frustrating because it's really not patient-centred care and it’s just not a good way to talk about another human being. I think the #hellomynameis sets the tone for a respectful communication." - Ward Matron I think the #hellomynameis sets the tone for a respectful communication. Read and share this story on Facebook!